Real estate to be acquired in the Canton of Jura, but also in the rest of Switzerland

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The Canton of Jura, ideally located in the centre of Europe, offers a range of considerable advantages, starting with much more affordable property prices than elsewhere in Switzerland, a real estate market that is not yet saturated, and secondly a stronger supply of building land than elsewhere.

The Canton of Jura offers an excellent future perspective for investors looking for attractive returns, particularly in the medium to long term.

As a specialist in this sector thanks to our in-depth and proven knowledge, but above all thanks to a reliable, serious and established network, our company has a range of "off-market" properties on offer, that comes directly from our real estate holdings. A file will be given to you in exchange for a guarantee of confidential treatment of the files. If we favour and encourage investors to take an interest in the canton of Jura, we have the same offer at the national level.

Dreaming of a personalized house becomes reality at Domus immobilier...

We are here to help you make your personal dreams come true. Our in-house architecture workshop is available for any construction, modification and/or renovation project, so there are no limits to your imagination. Detached villas, semi-detached houses, bungalows, historical buildings, low-energy houses, semi-detached houses as well as adapted and protected housing units will be proposed to you at Domus immobilier. You will always find interesting offers in our portfolio that suit you. If the house of your dreams is not yet listed, we can also carry out searches on your behalf.

Thanks to our network, we have access to very special properties that you won't find on the Internet.

Our main focus is the acquisition of middle-class residential units. In addition, we also offer luxury properties that stand out for their location, size and design.

Lot de 4 unités locatives in 2882 St-Ursanne
Lot de 4 unités locatives in 2882 St-Ursanne
Lot de 4 unités locatives in 2882 St-Ursanne
in 2952 Cornol
in 2942 Alle
  • lajouxrutishauser_csdkedited-7t6epq_aecb0
in 2718 Lajoux (JU)
  • stursanneaiolfi_csdkedited-5o6nli_d24d0
Lot de 4 unités locatives in 2882 St-Ursanne
in 2950 Courgenay
in 2950 Courgenay
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